Friday, July 06, 2007

Ipod shuffle wrapped in baby blanket

June 12th is my daughter second birthday. I always say that one's birthday is mother's holiday in the first place and only then comes birthday girl or boy. So, I needed two presents for both of my ladies.
A gift for daughter was easy to choose. She loves blankets to play with, but what to give to my

When it comes to give presents to my wife I'm always in trouble to decide on. Being The Gadget Guy it is always some sort of gadget on my mind. Yes, flowers and jewelery are the easiest choices, but what else? How can one marry beauty, surprise and
elegance with a cool gadget in one nice package?

That was an easy task for me thanks to Internet in general and Apple, Inc with The Blankee Store in particular. I would not waste your time on telling how slick and light and pink and easy and sounds great Ipod shuffle is. Even it's box looks like a toy.

But when I wrapped the pink Ipod shuffle in Leaf Blue Blanket... the combination of two was just absolutely irresistible.

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