Monday, October 16, 2006

An easiest way to deliver internet radio to your home stereo

I've personally happen to have a small and slick gadget that allows me to listen my computer stored music on a stereo system. It's a wireless bridge that connects a PC and a stereo receiver in the living room. The name is simple - Linksys WMB54G Wireless-G Music Bridge. It streams any sound, that usually is being delivered to your computer sound speakers or headphones, to the home stereo. I mean any music, Internet radio, iTunes, copyrighted music - anything.

The performance is very good. I don't hear any sound distortions. It's supposed to be so, because the link is wireless 802.11G - a digital format. I was a little concerned before buying the gadget: what if quality of the sound would suffer? Basically, what is happening in the box is a conversion from digitized music into analog sound. If this link of the chain is a weak one, I mean low quality of the conversion, the whole high-tech gadget does not worth much. It will be like a toy, a high-tech toy, but still just a toy.

I was pleasantly surprised. The back panel of the device has red-n-white RCA port, a stereo mini jack, optical and coaxial outputs. Any audio device that has a line-in port can be connected to this wireless music gadget. So, if you have, for example, a modern home stereo with an optical input, a pure digital music stream will be delivered to it across your house. Or, of you happen to have just a boombox - it will work for you too!

The only problem I had with this high-tech toy was the software for PC. A standard installation conflicted with existing network configuration on my PC. So I had to reinstall some stuff. But my configuration and conflicting software were not typical for a home computer. I think most folks won't have any problem.

Final word, if you're on a small budget, this gadget is the best choice. I'll cover another similar high-tech toy in my future posts.

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Joel said...

Can you please specify what was the problem during the setup? I am running a site that
is dedicated to this slick gadget